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Back counting, which is also called to be Wonging, is a system where a player joins the game of blackjack when only high cards are left in a shoe.In the process of blackjack investment, there exists a very important concept.The Greatest Names in Blackjack (Part II) The Greatest Names in Blackjack (Part III) Pin It.

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Alphabetical list of various blackjack terms and acronyms including an explanation of what each term.Stanford Wong is the pseudonym for John Ferguson, one of the most famous names in the gambling world.

Stanford Wong is firstly famous for his researches into the blackjack game.

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Optimal betting is discussed in many places on the Web and a discussion can be found in Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger.Stanford Wong is the pen name of John Ferguson, the world famous author of Professional Blackjack.

Many other newer versions have since been created including BJ Surrender, Spanish 21, Pontoon and others.Wonging in blackjack is waiting for a deck to become beneficial to the player before entering the game.Honoring the Achievements of Blackjack Pioneers. The Theory of Blackjack,.Backcounting or wonging — playing only good counts — is clearly a method of improving card counting advantage.Over the years, many blackjack players have become famous thanks to their casino exploits, contributions to theory, or the bestselling books that they have published.

Named after Stanford Wong, the Wonging style of play (back counting) requires that one should take part in a game at positive counts only.

Information on some of the famous card counters who have mastered the art of card counting in blackjack. The wonging technique tries to improve on the popular.Counting Cards Blackjack is a casino card that has been around for hundreds of years.

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Live Dealer Blackjack, available at Betfair and Golden Nugget, may require advanced techniques and two seats to be worthwhile.

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Blackjack Professional Michael Morgenstern. 3.2K likes. National Blackjack Champion Tournament Player, Michael Morgernstern, has been playing and.The objective is to hold the cards that total 21 or closest to 21.

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Note: Classic blackjack is the traditional version of the game.