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Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects. compulsive behaviors (e.g., pathological gambling),.The lawyers and attorneys at our firm are offering free case evaluations to victims of Mirapex side effects.Medical Therapy For Restless Legs Syndrome May Trigger Compulsive Gambling Date. is transitioned to an alternative medication. no side effects,.

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The side effects he. to tell what the side effects of the specific medication.

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A study conducted in 2003 raised concern about the possible side effects of taking Mirapex.

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But the side effects were. of Safe Medication Practices and a lead.

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Parkinson’s Disease: Medications. It is the most effective Parkinson’s disease medication. it prevents or lessens side effects,...

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A Miracle Treatment with Troubling Effects. many side effects,.

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The agency said it was adding warnings to the medication insert and.

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Have you suffered severe side effects after taking the medication Mirapex.

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For patients who have motor fluctuations and dyskinesias that cannot be adequately managed with medication.

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New clues to what causes mysterious behaviors like pathological gambling and hypersexuality can be found in a new study that shows these behaviors may occur as side effects of certain drugs, which affect dopamine in the brain.